Product Reviews

A few products I have used and find helpful for adults. None of these should be considered as a substitute for seeking medical treatment. Consult your treating physician first.



Shoulder Pain book Shoulder Pain? The Solution & Prevention, Revised & Expanded, by John M. Kirsch, M.D.

A great easy-to-read book on shoulder rehab and injury prevention. In 2011 I had surgery for adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) and impingement in my right shoulder.  It was the most painful experience I have ever had.  I used this book, which you can find on Amazon, to rehab my own shoulder after surgery as I did not have full range of motion. And it was still painful. By following the steps in this book I recovered full range of motion within 4 – 6 months and am now pain-free. I continue to follow Dr. Kirsch’s methods today and have incorporated those into my practice. Highly recommended.



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