Functional Movement

What is Functional Movement?


Functional Movement was created by a physical therapist, Gary Cook, and is used worldwide in every professional sport. In a nutshell movement patterns are screened before they are trained. Training dysfunctional body movement creates a tendency for injury/re-injury because it reinforces the dysfunctional pattern. This is the failure mechanism of traditional rehab programs.  With Functional Movement poor movement patterns are diagnosed and corrected with an exercise protocol.


Why is Functional Movement better? When the body is injured the body always compensates in some way. For example, if you sprain your ankle you will try to keep body weight off the injured ankle and you limp when you walk. This dysfunctional movement pattern also causes compensations in other parts of your body. Muscles that are designated to be primary stabilizers are used for mobilization. And other muscles, such as primary and secondary movers help with stability. Sometimes this results in low back pain for example. Obviously once the muscle is injured it must be allowed to heal. Once enough healing takes place you begin to walk again. Sometimes a dysfunctional movement pattern, learned while the injured muscle heals, persists.


Functional Movement can identify a dysfunctional movement pattern which may increase risk of ankle sprains (or re-injury). The same holds true for the rest of the body. When Functional Movement is added to a chiropractic therapy, faulty movement patterns are correctly diagnosed and corrected while addressing causes of pain. The benefit is that chiropractic adjustments are able to hold longer and the patient returns to normal faster. In other words, faster recovery and less therapy equals less time with the doctor and more time doing what you would rather do.


Add Rock Tape kinesiotaping and you have the perfect conservative therapy trio – Functional Movement, Chiropractic and kinesiotape.


What is Rock Tape?  Rock Tape is a brand of kinesiotape. Kinesiotape is a specialized stretchy and sticky tape applied to the body to help correct improper body movements on a short-term basis. It is also applied to help relieve pain. Kinesiotape became very popular when Olympic athletes began using it at the 2006 Summer Olympics. Rock Tape is also used for the recovering patient who is not an Olympic athlete for the same reasons Рpain reduction and movement correction.

Dr. Radman is one of the only chiropractor in the entire Monterey Bay who is certified in Rock Tape kinesiotaping, Functional Movement Screens and Specific Functional Movement Assessments. Dr. Radman was certified in kinesiotaping by the Rock Tape company and certified in functional movement by Gary Cook’s company, Functional Movement Systems.