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Your Full Service functional rehab & wellness clinic at your door! Wherever you are in the Santa Cruz to Monterey Areas and parts of the South Bay area you can begin rehab at your door with a little help from your friends at House Call Chiropractors! 

Dr. Radman is certified in Functional Movement Screens (FMS) and Selective Functional Movement Assessments (SFMA) which focuses on proper body movement.

Your body uses groups of muscles – primary movers, stabilizers, secondary movement and core muscles for the purposes of moving the body. When movement is compromised your body will compensate. Sometimes that creates pain while other times it results in reduced mobility and stability. Normal rehab focuses only on a strengthening program of a particular muscle or perhaps a small group of muscles such as your rotator cuff, which may have been involved in a recent surgery. The problem with this approach is it does not mimic daily movement patterns (or movement patterns that may enhance a sport performance).  

Rather than just focusing on an individual muscle or use a machine for rehab, which also does not mimic daily movement patterns, functional movement is a powerful tool to properly diagnose abnormal patterns of movement and make proper corrections in a logical development process through exercises that reinforce proper movement patterns.

Who Uses the Functional Movement Systems Approach? Today SFMA is used by the US military, the US Olympic teams, professional golfers worldwide, NFL, Premiere League, NBA, NHL, and MLB teams. Now it is available to both athletes and non-athletes in Santa Cruz County and Monterey County for the first time!

Why couple SFMA to chiropractic?  Because it is a conservative and non-invasive therapy that has a long track record of safety and effectiveness and should be the first step in recovery and wellness. Our practice uses real chiropractic adjustments as taught by Palmer Chiropractic College.  And, House Call Chiropractors will also co-manage your road to recovery with your medical doctor.

So, reduce the need for ongoing care. Let Dr. Radman show you a few home exercises and stretches to improve your health.


If your physician is not using SFMA, they’re just hoping. 


House Call Chiropractors is not an ordinary chiropractic office:


– No Long Term Commitments (no contracts and no sales pitch period)!

You get adjusted on the first visit (nearly every case)! No need for a second visit to get adjusted!

– More one-on-one time with the doctor than anywhere else!

– Orthopedic physicals are included.


– Always free consultations by phone or email!

– Typically no need for x-rays or other tests!

– The doctor comes to see you – home or office!

– Recovery at home!

– Works with your medical doctor!

– Conservative Diversified Chiropractic Manipulation Therapy!   NO instrument adjustments.

– Off-hour appointments accepted!



– Rock Tape Kinesiotaping Certified!

– Selective Functional Movement Assessment Certified!

– Functional Movement Screen Certified!


– Affordable!


*X-Rays are requested only if medically necessary

Our Community:

House Call Chiropractors financially supports youth sports in our area.

Dr. Radman accepts Tri-West insurance for veterans! VA requires a referral from your M.D. 

Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day are free for all veterans in Santa Cruz County – appointment required.

Outreach clinic for the homeless in our community.


We are a member of the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce.


Dr. Radman’s Curriculum Vitae

Certified Functional Movement Screening

Certified Selective Functional Movement Assessments

Certified Rock Tape Kinesiotaping.

Graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College West, Doctor of Chiropractic

Certified Fitness Trainer NESTA

Former collegiate competitive swimmer

Graduate of West Virginia University, M.S. in Chemical Engineering

Graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, B.S. in Chemistry


 Palmer Alumni 150x50_FC    WVU   Pitt AlumniACA 2 NESTAFMT

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